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Apr 30, 2012
Apple and Samsung agree to settlement talks
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In news broken by Fosspatents and Reuters, Apple CEO Tim Cook and and Samsun CEO Choi Gee-sung have agreed to meet in mid-May to discuss a settlement in the patent infringement case that Apple brought against Samsung and its like of Galaxy smartphones and tablets. Previously, the judge hearing the case has previously encouraged settlement talks between the two personal electronic manufacturers. The two companies are involved in more than 20 patent infringement lawsuits around the globe as they battle for personal device dominance.

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Sarfraz Ahmad I think this is wishful thinking because the parties won't really say that any of their claims are legally weak, no matter in front of whom these talks take place, but there's no way they would ever express even the slightest skepticism over any of their claims in front of a judge involved with the actual litigation
Apr 30, 2012