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Samsung's Take on Smart Glass Technology

Samsung Galaxy Glass (or Gear Glass, official name still pending) has been teased by a recent patent filed in the Korean Patent Office which shows a company heads-up display in front...

Kaspersky Patents Cloud Protection System

The USPTO has issued US Patent 8,661,547 to antivirus and internet security software provider Kaspersky Lab. The patent describes a technology, which is currently deployed in Kaspersky ...

April 10th - USPTO Roundtable on the Use of Crowdsourcing

From 12:30 - 5:00 PM EDT today (4/10) the USPTO will be holding a roundtable event to solicit public opinions regarding the use of crowdsourcing and third-party preissuance submissions ...

Lenovo Continues the Shopping Spree

Lenovo announced last week that it has purchased a mobile technology portfolio of over 3,800 patent families, including standard essential patents for 3G and LTE technologies, from...

Feed tagged as "Big Data":
The controversy swirling around Apple Maps reveals a fundamental difference between Google and Apple business models that can’t be measured in mobile market... Read More »
The '662 patent is owned by Parallel Iron, whose attorneys have recently filed suit against Internet giants such as Amazon, Facebook, and LinkedIn, and even some... Read More »
Nearly everyone is looking for an alternative to dino juice. Still, nothing has broken through yet as a mainstream alternative. Detroit's electric cars have made... Read More »
Armed with a 1.8 gigapixel camera rig, A U.S. Army Hummingbird copters over Afghanistan looking for suspicious insurgent activity. On board, a robo cameraman called... Read More »
Today, CSC announced the availability of its CSC BizCloud, the first on-premise private cloud billed as a service and ready for workloads in 10 weeks, in Canada... Read More »
Pitney Bowes Software (PBS) is featuring a full suite of Master Data Management (MDM) capabilities at Booth C, Platinum Ballroom at Gartner’s MDM Summit in ... Read More »
Transmission system operators must assess precisely the supply of electricity from renewable energies for the next day in order to market this electricity on the... Read More »
The Cisco UCS third-generation fabric computing platform incorporates the new Intel Xeon processor E5-2600 product family and includes multiple server form... Read More »
Dell today announced a portfolio of blade, rack and tower PowerEdge servers optimized for use in enterprise environments. These new server series are designed to help ... Read More »
EMC Corporation today announced version 4.2 of EMC Greenplum Database that can run massive-scale mission-critical analysis.  Greenplum Database 4.2 includes a... Read More »
After an embarrassing meltdown earlier this week of Microsoft's Azure cloud service that snagged the wind in their Windows 8 sails with a dose of negative public... Read More »
EMC Corporation today announced the availability of five new Security and Risk Management Advisory Services designed to enable organizations to build new levels of... Read More »
Western Digital has announced that it is offering to customers of its WD Sentinel™ DX4000 storage server an offsite data storage service that improves data... Read More »
IBM today rolled out a set of offerings geared towards helping its Business Partners more tightly integrate with the IBM SmartCloud. IBM SmartCloud Services... Read More »
  Atos, EMC Corporation and VMware announced today a strategic alliance for open cloud computing. Additionally, Atos plans to create a new company... Read More »
Oracle today announced the availability of Oracle Advanced Analytics, a new option for Oracle Database 11g that bundles Oracle R Enterprise together... Read More »
Talks about universal patient identification (UPI) numbers have been gracing news headlines recently as the debate about privacy and health care continues... Read More »
Charlie Buckner Not to take the issue lightly, but it would be less of a hassle going to a new doctor, since you won't be filling out the long paper work that you get on your first visit.
Jan 27, 2012
Ann Conkle Very interesting thoughts on this. It's such an important issue.
Jan 27, 2012