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Intellectual Ventures Patent Lawsuit Dismissed

Last week Virginia U.S. District Judge Anthony Trenga dismissed a lawsuit filed against Capital One by Intellectual Ventures after finding that the two IV patents (US 8,083,137...

Valeant Offers to Buy Allergan

Canadian based Valeant Pharmaceuticals has made an offer to buy Allergan for $45.7B in cash and stock. Investors in the Botox-producing Allergan would receive $48.30 in cash and 0.83%...

Samsung's Take on Smart Glass Technology

Samsung Galaxy Glass (or Gear Glass, official name still pending) has been teased by a recent patent filed in the Korean Patent Office which shows a company heads-up display in front...

Kaspersky Patents Cloud Protection System

The USPTO has issued US Patent 8,661,547 to antivirus and internet security software provider Kaspersky Lab. The patent describes a technology, which is currently deployed in Kaspersky ...

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Undoubtedly, 2012 was a big year for the intellectual property world. Significant developments not only in the United States at the USPTO but around the world will... Read More »
Whenever it comes time to scapegoat someone in the IP world, “patent troll” is the pejorative of choice. Even in polite company, “non-practicing... Read More »
This article is the first of a four-part series examining the USPTO’s role in administering the patent system. Other articles in this series: Part II: Human... Read More »
Patents exist to promote innovation. By granting a federally recognized documents to inventors with a new idea, the government is able to make these ideas public... Read More »
Apple’s victory over Samsung smells different than most patent infringement cases marauding our courts. This wasn’t some picayune money grab by an NPE... Read More »
Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Inc., manufacturers of the Ortho Tri-Cyclen birth control drug, are filing an injunction against Glenmark Generics, Ltd., an Indian-based... Read More »
Microelectromechanical system gyroscopes may be small in stature, but a patent infringement claim against MEMS upstart InvenSense in the California Northern District... Read More »
The tech IP vultures that circled around Nortel's demise reaped a hefty reward of patents, but at the cost of sharing the $4.5 billion patent windfall. Apple took ... Read More »
James McArdle Amazon (kind of like Google) has some pretty cool advantages when it comes to the mobile market by already existing in a whole bunch of other industries (online goods and services). If they can acquire the IP necessary to play with the big boys in the mobile market, they could be well positioned to leverage those strengths and be a key player going forward.
Aug 13, 2012
As if Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook don’t have enough problems, Facebook’s being sued. The patent infringement suit filed by Software Rights... Read More »
Ray Van Dyke You gloss over patent law principles and assume much. Where a company takes another company's patented technology and is sued, then if that taking is shown, if that taking is egregious, and if the judge/jury thinks an example should be made, then the judge/jury MAY award enhanced damages. If the "taking" is accidental, then enhanced damages are normally not awarded.
Aug 13, 2012
Ray Van Dyke Software patents are very important to many American companies. The reason we have controversy on software patents is these are fairly new. Plastics, sewing and other technologies that were cutting edge years ago have similar controversies. The patent system is rigorous and questionable patents can be invalidated either in court or at the Patent Office.
Aug 13, 2012
Ric Richardson virtually established the now-familiar product authentication method, the "try and buy" approach seen on everything from magazine... Read More »
Question: what parts of the US government are most concerned with patents? Easy answer: the USPTO. Extra credit if you named the Federal District Courts, the venue... Read More »
"But in the decline of the empire, when every principle of health and life had been exhausted, the tardy application of this partial remedy was incapable of... Read More »
Groupon has grown successfully due to its ability to help city-dwellers explore local dining hotspots, discover various entertainment activities and purchase products ... Read More »
In mythology, trolls are often portrayed as large brutes with little creativity and even worse manners who enjoy devouring innocent people.  In stories and songs ... Read More »
Here's this week's high-tech trends that either made headlines or went under the radar! Facebook countersuit seizes the Yahoo gauntlet and backhands the... Read More »
Engulfed in the bidding frenzy of its upcoming $5 billion IPO, the last thing Facebook needed to hear was what Yahoo had to say to them this past Monday: if... Read More »
Let's take a look at what high-tech innovation trends shaped the industry this week! Unauthorized User Tracking While we've all grown essentially numb ... Read More »
Apple spent a lot of 2011 in court (either directly, or in disguise), attempting to keep competitors’ smartphones and tablets off the market. If patent... Read More »
Zhi Peng Apple needs to relax with this, just get over the fact the touchscreen smartphone is way of future.
Jan 27, 2012
Is Intellectual Ventures (IV) really the ‘King of Patent Trolls’? If so, the company has done its best to earn the title. Objectively speaking... Read More »
Is claim construction an issue of law to be decided de novo on appeal, or are there relevant issues of fact, justifying that deference be given to the decisions and... Read More »
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