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Intellectual Ventures Patent Lawsuit Dismissed

Last week Virginia U.S. District Judge Anthony Trenga dismissed a lawsuit filed against Capital One by Intellectual Ventures after finding that the two IV patents (US 8,083,137...

Valeant Offers to Buy Allergan

Canadian based Valeant Pharmaceuticals has made an offer to buy Allergan for $45.7B in cash and stock. Investors in the Botox-producing Allergan would receive $48.30 in cash and 0.83%...

Samsung's Take on Smart Glass Technology

Samsung Galaxy Glass (or Gear Glass, official name still pending) has been teased by a recent patent filed in the Korean Patent Office which shows a company heads-up display in front...

Kaspersky Patents Cloud Protection System

The USPTO has issued US Patent 8,661,547 to antivirus and internet security software provider Kaspersky Lab. The patent describes a technology, which is currently deployed in Kaspersky ...

Proximity-based content sharing systems for mobile tend to focus on one-at-a-time transfers -- However, Google this week has been granted a patent for an... Read More »
Microsoft last week filed a patent application for laptops and mobile devices that can actually project holographic images right before your eyes. The... Read More »
According to Nikkei News in Japan, the Innovation Network Corporation of Japan (INCJ) is stepping up to buy patents.  The fund was established by INCJ... Read More »
Patently Apple reports that this week's issue of the USPTO Official Gazette included patent 8,459,544 -- "Parental Controls." Though the patent... Read More »
Researchers at MIT's Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory evaluated 36 commonly used smartphone applications. Principle investigator Hal... Read More »
The dominant method for evaluating rust characteristics of a metal in a certain environment is dead simple. Museums keen on the condition of their metal artworks, for ... Read More »
"Owing to the talents and efforts of materials chemists, graphene now grows like mold on almost anything, and from almost any feedstock," Boris Yakobson... Read More »
Electronic waste is slowly becoming a large-scale problem for our technologically advanced society. Rice University researchers have developed a new way of recycling... Read More »
To study matter on increasingly smaller scales, scientists need faster light. The speed of light is constant, of course, but "faster" here refers to the... Read More »
The flat-panel display market is increasingly cut-throat, from smartphones to big screen TVs. These applications demand thin, efficient, and low-cost display... Read More »
A major focus of superconductor research is manipulating the critical temperature of various superconducting materials. The properties of such materials could be very ... Read More »
A new study found nanomaterials in soil hurt crop growth and may contaminate produce. UC Santa Barbara researchers showed nanoscale pollutants in crop soil stunt... Read More »
The question seems almost philosophical: how do they get non-stick Teflon coating to stick to metal pans? At Kiel University in Germany, researchers are tackling a... Read More »
Nearly 300 million people worldwide live with diabetes, and regular testing is a crucial part of many of their lives. Purdue university researcher Jonathan Claussen... Read More »
Most energy generation systems consist of two components: a generator and a battery. Georgia Tech researcher Zhong Lin Wang thinks this is one too many. Along with... Read More »
Ralstonia Eutropha is a soil bacteria that exhibits a peculiar behaviour. Whenever the bacterium is placed into a stressful situation, it devotes all its time and... Read More »
One of the most important technological challenges of our time is monopolizing on solar energy. Major constraints have always been cost, availability of materials... Read More »
HemoSep is a device designed to recover blood that is spilled in major trauma surgeries and open heart surgeries. The device helps with the process of autotransfusion ... Read More »
University of Tokyo and RIKEN Institute researchers exploit a new type of magnetic phase in materials to eliminate electrical power loss. The team's device uses a ... Read More »
Though it's no shark, having a robot on another planet with a laser attached to its "head" is still pretty cool. The Rover's "ChemCam,"... Read More »
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