Alton L. Absher III Attorney

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Practice Areas: Patent Litigation, Patent Prosecution
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Application numberTitle of the patentIPCFiling DateDecision Date
13925377 Methods and systems for predictive clinical planning and design and integrated execution services G06F, G06T Jun 23, 2013 Dec 28, 2015
13755361 Clinical laboratory-based disease management program, with automated patient-specific treatment advice G06Q, G16H, G06F Jan 30, 2013 May 13, 2019
13717852 Systems and methods for providing hi-fidelity contextual search results G06F Dec 17, 2012 Jul 4, 2016
12914481 Apparatuses and methods for exercise using circular bands A63B Oct 27, 2010 Mar 12, 2018
12546385 Systems and methods for providing a magnetic resonance treatment to a subject G06F, G01R, A61N, G06N Aug 23, 2009 Aug 7, 2017
61092169 Systems and Methods for Magnetically Resonating Both a Subject and a Substance Introduced Into the Body of the Subject Aug 26, 2008
61091582 Systems and Methods for Providing a Magnetic Therapy Treatment to a Subject Aug 24, 2008
61086023 Clinical Laboratory Based Disease Management Program, With Automated Patient Specific Treatment Advice, For Chronic Kidney Disease Aug 3, 2008
61079670 Highly Precise and Low Level Signal-Generating Drivers, Systems, and Methods of Use Jul 9, 2008
61051535 Systems, Methods, and Computer Readable Media for Computer Security May 7, 2008
61030430 Systems and Methods for Water Filtration Feb 20, 2008