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Andy ChuAug 5, 2015
[New Update] Feedback Here, Feedback There, Feedback Everywhere!

It’s another day here at Patexia, and we’ve been working hard on improving the website. We pushed some digital bits here, pushed some APIs there, and we wanted to show off the new features to help make things easier for you! This update is all about making it easier for you to understand how we will score your contest submission so let’s get started.

First up, Contest participants now have access to their reviewer’s notes for their submissions. When we take a look at your contest entry, the reviewer will often leave notes in the comment section on stuff they were confused about, or stuff they also found that could  help you make your entry better.

You can access all of your past submissions from your Dashboard and just click on any speech bubble you see to access the comments.

Secondly, we will also provide the reviewer’s notes for contests that are still open. That means you can submit your contest entry early, see how the reviewer is likely to score your submission, and have a chance to clarify anything the reviewer might be confused about before the contest deadline.

You can also access your “reviewed” submission from your Dashboard for easy viewing and reopen to edit your contest submission if you want to.

Thirdly, we’ve added a confirmation page for each contest submission. You can now quickly preview how your contest entry will look like for your reviewer, and double check for any copy and paste mistakes.


Finally, we’ve also added the ability to login via Facebook. We know this has nothing to do with contest entries, but we always love seeing your pretty faces! So now you can use your pretty face(book) to login!


Thanks for being a crucial part of the Patexia community and we hope you like the improvements!

Got other cool ideas to improve the website or want to let us know how we’re doing? Drop us a line on our contact us page!

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