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Richard NoguchiMar 9, 2012
3/9/2012 -What's New on Patexia

Happy Friday, everyone! We've made some updates on Patexia today. You may notice we gave our article pages a slight makeover and the biggest addition to the site is our new blog. Yes, we finally have a company blog, so stay tuned for future Patexia news!

In the meantime, here are the details for today's release. Check it out.

  • We've made some modifications to our Nova article pages (Nova Buzz, Nova News, Analysis & Opinion, and IP Reviews). There's a new header treatment, print feature, scroll over captions for photos, and wider space for the body text. 
  • A new feature addition has been made to our Nova Content page. You should now be able to pull up Patexia articles based on date range of when they were published.
  • Finally, as mentioned above, we officially now have a blog. Get up-to-date site news as well as any "behind-the-scenes" content. 

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