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James McArdleMar 22, 2013
A Week Like Any Other


It was a week like any other.

No was a week pretty much like any other.

We had some contests, a webinar, some know.

Oh, you want more specifics?

Well, we posted a lot of the content from the Patent and Prior Art 101 webinar last week. This week, we announced the details of the next installment of the Patexia Web Series on Defensive Publication.

Defensive publication is an intellectual property strategy of disclosing your ideas to prevent others from patenting them in the future, ensuring your freedom to operate. It’s often used by companies for cost reasons, it’s a whole lot cheaper than paying for a patent! It’s also been co-opted by the open source community to protect innovative projects like Linux.

This is where our speaker, Andrea Casillas, comes in. Andrea is the director of Linux Defenders at Open Innovation Network, a venture centered on using defensive publications to protect open source innovation.

You can see the details of the talk here. Check it out, it should be a good time.

We’ve also worked through much of our backlog of reviewing contest results and selecting winners. Watch out for announcements galore of the next week or two.

Personally, I’m excited to write a whole bunch more checks. I love giving out money.

We’ve also got some cool stuff coming for you over the next few weeks: an interview with a contest winner, an educational contest, and a beta version of the Patexia Leaderboard. That’s all I’ll say for now.

Last but most certainly not least, we have this weeks Wallpaper of the Week.


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