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Zoe BollingerAug 4, 2015
August 2015 Featured Expert: Nima Jabbari

Patexia would like to congratulate Nima Jabbari on his great career as a Patexia Researcher so far.  Nima is a Student Assistant at the California State Lands Commission and a Research Assistant at the University of Southern California. He became a Patexia member in October 2014.  Nima just entered and won his first contest, our most recent Quorum, Solving the Water Shortage.

We interviewed Nima about his Patexia experience, and here is what he had to say:


1. How did you first hear about Patexia?

Patexia was first introduced to me through my undergraduate university alumni network. Aside from that, I have also had the privilege of talking to Dr. Sameni (the CEO) in person in different occasions.


2. What is your background/area of expertise?

I hold a BS in Civil Engineering from the University of Tehran and an MS in Environmental Engineering from the University of Southern California. Presently, I am a PhD candidate in Environmental Engineering with the focus on environmental impacts of oil and gas activities. I, particularly, based my research work on risk assessment of subsurface injection operations which have been quite popular over the last decade among energy companies. I am interested in working on probabilistic models which are capable of giving out quantitative risk measures for ingestion hazard of contaminated water resources. I have also done research on confident predictions of reservoir and wellbore flow in the Gulf of Mexico using probabilistic models and data (inspired from BP Deepwater Horizon incident in 2010) and integration of different sources of renewable energies to meet the electricity demand for remote communities.


3. What has been the best part about your experience on Patexia?

I always get a lot of good sentiments when start researching the best answer for a given prompt. The way the questions are designed and the contents are held extremely motivate me as I can apply and develop my research skills.


4. What is the most interesting search result you have found?

I always run across good materials when I surf Patexia’s website, but those which are related to my background (contests on oil and gas or water subjects) are the most interesting ones from my perspective.


5. Is there a key event, change, or insight that you think will be critical for the future of IP or your field that other Patexia members should know about?

I trust Patexia is doing great but if I want to point out a subject to be given more attention to is the sustainability and how not to consume up all the resources we do have in hand now. Making a shift from heavy hydrocarbon fuels to lighter ones (such as natural gas) and eventually to renewable resources of energy is another important point to be taken into consideration. I am glad that Patexia has already started digging through those subject matters! Keep it up!


We would like to thank Nima for his contributions to the community, and we look forward to working with him in the future.

Keep an eye out for our Featured Expert next month!

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