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Zoe BollingerApr 20, 2015
Contest Tips From the Patexia Team

Here at Patexia, we want to you to have the best possible chance of winning any contest you participate in.  We have a brand new Contest Guide up to help you move through the contest submission process and understand the different parts and pieces. Check out the Guide to get started!

To help you out here are a few more tips from our team:

  • Before you start your submission, make sure you read the Contest description and the quoted claims. You will be able to find all sorts of key information to help with a great submission.
  • When you are working on your submission, upload the original document. You found the file; make sure you enjoy the benefits.
  • Is anything unclear? Ask questions on the “Discussions” page of the Contest or via email at and we will make sure we get to your question.
  • Take a close look at the questions we are asking.  When we grade your submission we will give you the points assigned to the question and add them to your score if we agree with your “Yes” answer.
  • You won your first contest? Congratulations!  Help us get you your well earned prize.  Double check that your payment settings are all set to go and everything is in order, including sending in a W9 or W8-BEN. If we’re not able to get ahold of you to send your prize within 90 days of your prize’s announcement date, your prize will expire.

Good Luck!

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