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Kyle HoellgerApr 16, 2014
Dealing with Plagarism

We recently encountered a few unfortunate instances of plagiarism in our contest submissions. During their review, our research team noticed that submissions prepared by several different users contained not only the same references and explanations but also the same punctuation and misspellings.

The contest submissions were all ultimately disqualified and we are discussing further punitive action with each of the offending users. Such occurrences of plagiarism may also result in the suspension or removal of a user's Patexia account, and with it their submission success history and winning track record. 

Before taking any action we contacted each of the users to give them an opportunity to explain themselves. Patexia is completely dedicated to transparency and we expect the same from our community.

While we do encourage collaboration we require that only one user enter the final submission on behalf of the team or group. Violation of this rule is a breach of our trust and will not be taken lightly.

If you are concerned that your submission may be involved in any type of plagiarism please contact us and we can help you sort it out. As always let us know if there is anything else that we can do to make your Patexia experience as rewarding as possible.


The Patexia Team

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