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Kyle HoellgerJan 2, 2014
Happy New Year

Happy 2014 everybody! Here's to keeping that gym membership beyond February this time.

With the last of the holidays now in the rearview mirror we are looking forward to business as usual here at Patexia. Speaking of business as (un)usual we wanted to address the fact that our website was experiencing some technical difficulties during the week of Christmas. We are fully aware of the cause of the issue and we are actively working on fixing it ASAP.

If you happen to notice any discrepancies with your user dashboard and contest submission history please let us know and we will get on that immediately. Our primary goal is to ensure that every community member has a fair chance to take part in our contests so we are striving to make sure that the final hiccup there in 2103 doesn't carry over into the new year.

As always thanks for your attention and understanding. We have a few contests that are about to close so give them a look if you have some time this weekend in between the NFL playoffs and shoveling snow.


The Patexia Team

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