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J LJul 8, 2014
How to Submit Multiple References in a Contest?

How to Submit Multiple References in a Contest?


When you are working on our contests, sometimes you have to submit multiple references/products (such as evidence of use, private contest, patent mining, etc). While you can only make ONE submission, you have to include MULTIPLE references/products in that ONE submission. You wonder, how to do that?


Well, the basics here are pretty simple,

  • You upload one reference.
  • You continue to upload more references until you finish


Here is how you do that on our online platform, firstly, add your first reference as usual,


When you’re done with the first one, simply click on Add New Reference, and do it again,


And you can continue to add more references as like.


OK, it’s just that simple. 

While submission citation is sufficient or entire document (say a research article   or published patent) to be uploaded?          ... Read More »