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James McArdleMay 17, 2013
Improved Production Value


If you haven't had a look at the throw or progenitor contest, you should get over there.

The throw contest is looking at a human-computer interaction technology, the progenitor is about neural progenitor cells. Makes sense, right?

Interesting stuff for a range of expertise.

We actually extended the deadline for the throw contest as well, so if you wanted more got it.

I spent some time looking into how we can improve the audio/video quality of our webinars today and I think I found some useful things (used a wired connection, external camera, etc.). The production values for the next few webinars should go up, which is excellent. We want these to be a valuable IP education resource both now and going forward, so we’re trying to do a really good job.

We chose the winners for the Artificial Flame Device contest this week as well. We’ll be contacting them soon. If you participated, you should probably sit around refreshing your inbox constantly for the next few days (that’s a joke...)

We should have more contests coming up soon as well. I’m looking forward to further patent study adventures.

I almost forgot, there’s a new release coming up too! It’s been awhile since we had one of those.  Lots of fun stuff is coming out that I’m looking forward to using.

Which leaves us with your wallpaper of the week.


You stay classy, San Diego.

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