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James McArdleAug 13, 2012
Introducing: James McArdle

Things are pretty busy here at Patexia. We’re working on some pretty cool site improvements that we’re hoping to roll out soon. Next week our director of design is coming on full time and we’re all hoping that’s going to mean good things for your site experience.

In the meantime, I thought I’d take a moment to introduce myself (since it doesn’t seem like anyone else is going to). I’m James McArdle, I’ve just come on at the new Community Manager and Marketing Associate.

Here’s a little bit about me.

I grew up and, until college, lived most of my life in New Jersey. I went to Cornell University where I majored in economics and psychology and dabbled quite heavily physics. I even did some pretty ‘cool’ research on Supersolid Helium-4 (low-temperature experimental physics pun!). I studied abroad for my junior year at University College London and, after graduating Cornell, I took some time off to travel around the world. When I got home (and showered off) my good friend Daniel Porter invited me out to Los Angeles and introduced me to Pedram. A few days later, I found myself a gainfully-employed, contributing member of society at Patexia.

I’m excited about Patexia’s mission to bring together researchers and businesses to help facilitate innovation and happy to be a part of it. So many problems are put off saying “one day, technology will solve it”; the world needs a new Bell Labs and Patexia could be the answer. I’m looking forward to working more with the company (and the community!) and enjoying living in Los Angeles. The weather is nice here ALL the time, it’s amazing!

 Mountaineering team and I (far left) at the 6075m summit of Chachani outside of Arequipa, Peru


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