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James McArdleFeb 22, 2013
IP Matters Web Series

New things are brewing here.

We're putting together a webinar!!!exclamation mark!

Corporate blogs are allowed to be a little fun right?

But yes, we are indeed putting out our first webinar soon. In fact, we're planning a whole series of 'em, chock full of IP education.

Like I've said soo many times, we're about trying to bring subject matter experts more 'into the fold' when it comes to IP matters, I think this webinar is the start of something beautiful. We want to take you, research expert that you are, and give the IP background you need to crush it in Patexia's contests...or just be a little bit more on top of things next time you want to patent your work.

You can check you the webinar here and see what we'll be covering. Lemme know if you like it, and what you'd like to see covered in future webinar.

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