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Zoe BollingerMay 14, 2015
IP Matters Webinar Series: Defensive Publication - Advanced Strategies

Welcome to the sixth installment in Patexia's IP Matters Webinar Series:  Defensive Publication - Advanced Strategies with Felix Coxwell, Research Disclosure, Product Manager at Questel SA.

Felix Coxwell has been helping corporations with their defensive publication strategy for over 10 years. In this webinar Felix will explain through real life examples why, when, and how companies choose to publish defensively.

As Felix said: "This IP strategy is not new, it has been used by the major patenting power houses since the sixties and as the numbers of filed, granted and enforced patents has continued to grow, the demand for the freedom to operate and cost cutting economies a defensive publication program can provide has grown too."

This webinar will cover:

  • The concept
  • Practical examples
  • Sourcing publications
  • Anonymous publication
  • Where to publish 


Defensive Publications


Defensive publication advanced strategies


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