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Zoe BollingerApr 29, 2015
IP Matters Webinar Series: Patents and Patent Types

Welcome to the third in Patexia's IP Matters Webinar Series: Patents and Patent Types 

This webinar focuses on the different types of patents available through the USPTO:

There are actually three different basic kinds of patents

  • What is most commonly meant when people discuss patent is a utility patent - a patent issued for the invention of a new machine, process, etc.
  • There are also design patents which have been very important in key litigation including the Apple vs. Samsung cases
  • Finally there are plant patents

Each patent is made up of several components including drawings, an abstract, and background on the invention, but the claims are the most important part of the patent in terms of legal enforceability.

This Webinar will address in more depth:

  • The three different types of patents
  • The parts of a patent and what each part contributes to the whole
  • The different kinds of applications and when to use them
  • How you can use all of this patent knowledge to improve your patent search skills






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