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James McArdleJan 3, 2013
Jetpack Contest Results are in and the next contest at Patexia

The Jetpack contest results are in, and we've reached out to the winner and non-winners. It was a great success.

We received over 30 references and many strong submissions. We ranked the submissions based on the number of questions they answered as well as the level of detail in explaining the answers and then the order in which the submissions were received.

Based on this criteria, two winners were chosen and will each be awarded $500.

We’re working hard to bring transparency and efficiency to intellectual property and to our process and our members are a big part of that. Based on the feedback we’ve received from our users so far, we will reveal the identities of the winners in the coming few days once some of the paperwork is processed. We will also reveal the winning submissions once we are able to.

We have a follow up contest planned for a very similar patent (jetpacks) so make sure you have a look when it comes out because you may be able to use some of the references you found for this contest.

We’ve also posted our next contest already. This winter-themed contest is on a patent for Ear Warmers and has a $5000 prize. You can check it out here. Don’t forget you can always earn $500 for referring the winner.

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