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Zoe BollingerJul 1, 2015
July 2015 Featured Expert: Mohit Yadav

Patexia would like to congratulate Mohit Yadav on his great career as a Patexia Researcher so far.  Mohit is an Intellectual Property Officer at a Law Firm, and became a Patexia member in January 2013.  Since joining Mohit has participated in 72 contests with many wins across industries. Mohit is one of our top experts in competition for the #1 spot on the leaderboard.

We interviewed Mohit about his Patexia experience, and here is what he had to say:



How did you first hear about Patexia?

In January,2013 I was contacted by Patexia about the Coronary Stent Imaging contest.  Since the contest was in my area of interest and I had researched similar technologies, I took a chance and worked on it.


What is your background/area of expertise?

By degree, I am a Biomedical Engineer and have recently completed my Bachelor of Laws. During my studies, I developed an interest in reading technology papers, theses, articles, and patents. I then turned my hobby of reading technical/legal papers into my career. I don’t restrict myself to a particular technology or domain.


What has been the best part about your experience on Patexia?

I had started working on Patexia when I was a student. Being amongst the youngest members in the community, I was concerned about how I could compete with experts and masters in each domain, especially with people having years of professional experience in a field. Patexia provided me with the opportunity to prove my skills both to myself and others, and to perform a deep self analysis of my strengths and weaknesses.


What is the most interesting search result you have found?

I have participated on Patexia for a very long time, competing in many contests. Each project on which I worked was challenging and provided me with opportunities to learn about new technologies and to apply both my technical and legal skill sets. Essentially it’s grouping relevant literature in a patterned way. The most interesting result I found was while working on the contest “Emergency Call Shortcut.” The document I found did not say anything directly and it was quite challenging to relate the document to the required question.


Is there a key event, change, or insight that you think will be critical for the future of IP or your field that other Patexia members should know about?


I think the IP domain, especially the patent searching domain isn’t really about individual areas of expertise. It’s a domain where you find a blend of technologies, and by learning and understanding this hidden treasure, anyone can provide relevant prior art. Thus, your technical background, degrees, education, and experience are not the critical factor. The real key is how you find a solution to the given problem and how dedicated you are to learning and understand new technologies.


We would like to thank Mohit for his contributions to the community, and we look forward to working with him in the future.

Keep an eye out for our Featured Expert next month!


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