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James McArdleMar 8, 2013
New, New, Newsletter and Webinar Trials and Tribulations

The March newsletter went out this week. I hope you got it. Even more I hope you read it. I tried to make it awesome for you, but who knows if I succeeded or not.

Fun facts from the newsletter included:

  • A recent study estimating that if every software producing firm in America wanted to check for infringement against just the new software patents issued in a given year, about two million patent attorneys working full time would be needed to do the job.
  • a little bit about the updated prize structure
  • an Abraham Lincoln quote about patents

In case you missed the update about the new prize structure, it will go on a contest by contest basis but: in general a sizeable lump sum will be reserved for the winner, and 20% will be retained to be divided among several runners up as selected by the Patexia team. This way, the winner gets a big payday AND those who make solid contributions see some reward.

We’re working hard getting ready for the webinar, so that it’s going to be chock full of good value. I think there’s a chance our CEO didn’t realize how much work he was going to end up putting into this presentation.

He’s been at it for days, he even bought books off of Amazon as supplementary reading. I hope you guys are ready for a serious infusion of patent knowledge.

In other news, reviewing for the inventory sales system and mixed mode interaction contests is almost completed. The case research team has been diligently reviewing references for days, causing a serious depletion of office coffee. It’s a good thing there are so many cafes nearby.

Last week’s wallpaper was fun, but this weeks wallpaper is all business.

It’s finally getting warm down here in Santa Monica. It’s good to have passed through winter :)

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