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James McArdleMar 15, 2013
Our First Webinar

It began with the idea of educating our community.

We’ve been thinking a lot about new ways we can help build valuable educational IP resources, and somewhere along the line, someone suggested we try a webinar.

It seemed like a good idea, so we brainstormed a couple of ideas and settled on a simple one: the basics of patents and prior art.

We’d barely gotten the outline of the presentation in order, when it had already turned into a monthly web series. A pretty dramatic twist.

But we soldiered on.

As it turned out, putting together a webinar was a bit more work than we expected.

It took awhile to find a good platform, and get all of the technical details sorted.

It took awhile to build the landing page and get the event logistics setup (we used eventbrite, which is great btw).

It took awhile to promote the webinar inside and outside our community.

And it took awhile to put together the webinar and practice it.

In the end, actually giving the talk was the easiest part!

The webinar went well and over 110 people registered. We’ve posted the recording and slides on our site in the hopes that over time even more people will benefit from it.

Pedram, who gave the talk, was pretty excited to get it done. There are only a few people in the world who really like public speaking.

It was a fun time, we’re eager to do another :)

Our aspiration is to have one every month going forward on the second Sunday of the month. We’re inviting guest speakers, but we’ll probably be putting more than a few of them together ourselves as well.

The next one is scheduled for April 11th and will be a guest talk on defensive publication. I know I’m excited. You can see more information here.

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