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Kyle HoellgerMar 13, 2014
Patexia on TV

A few months ago we were involved in the making of a Korean documentary on the US IP system. We were lucky enough to have a crew from YTV come to our Santa Monica office and film us in action. We recently got our hands on a copy and we wanted to share some of the limelight with you, the community. Most of the video is in Korean but you'll be able to hear from our CEO in English during his segment (starting at 4:16).

On a separate note, we wanted to apologize for some issues with our website this past weekend. If you tried to access Patexia to read the latest IP news or enter one of our contests you may have had some trouble getting through. We have since resolved the issue and everything is back to normal. Thank you as always for your patience.

Happy early St. Patty's Day everyone!


The Patexia Team

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