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James McArdleApr 19, 2013

Have you checked out the flame contest yet?

We had our defensive publication webinar last week. It was an absolute delight. Andrea explained what’s going on in IP today, talked about the problems faced by corporations and open source projects, and explained how you can help by producing defensive publications.

Basically, patent litigation is on the rise, and a lot of it is based around poor patents. For patents to be issued, they have to be novel.

This is determined by looking for prior art, disclosures which show the same idea as the patent, but are published beforehand. If prior art exists, the patent should not be granted.

If you publish defensive publications, your ideas become prior art for potential future patents, preventing others from patenting those same ideas and using them for litigation.

So creating and submitting defensive publications can be helpful for reducing future litigation.

It’s especially good to submit them to companies like linux defenders, because they will make sure your publication is high profile enough that patent examiners see it when they are searching for prior art during the patent approval process.

We’ve scheduled several upcoming webinars. I might dive into more detail about them next week, but at the moment you can see all of the past and future webinars on the IP Matters page.

We’ve also published a series of articles answering common patent-related questions, called patent tidbits, you might want to check them out.


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