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James McArdleMay 24, 2013
The Business Member Experience


Company halt

It’s a little cool in the office today. Combined with an above average caffeine intake, my fingers are flying over the keyboard.

So what’s new with Patexia?

Well for one thing the “throw” contest is closing this weekend. It’s already been extended once, I don’t think it’s likely to happen again.

So get those submissions in! You’ve got until the end of the weekend PST.

Oh...and did you see the new release? Huzzah!

There’s a lot of features in the new release I’m pretty happy about. Mostly stuff that makes it easier for people to sign up for the site. We’re still going to maintain the same high caliber of member, it’s just going to be a little easier for those people to join. This is a good thing.


There are also some new additions that are going to make it users for users to get started and oriented with the site, including some introductory emails after sign up.

We also introduced the new “business member experience”. This is going to allow business members to sign up for the site and post their own contests. Very exciting. That’s all I’ll say about that here though. If you happen to be a corporate IP counsel who needs a lot of prior art/licensing searches done and want to know more, contact for more info :P

A new contest went up this week...“thrombosis”. This contest is looking for commercial uses of a technology for reducing stent thrombosis (blood clots). It’s pretty nifty. You can check out the contest here if you’re interested.

We’re also bringing on a new employee that we’re all very excited about. It’s always great to have a new addition to the team. David will be joining Kyle on the sales team.


Perhaps we’ll have to make a blog post to introduce him when he comes on full-time. He’s just recently graduated USC and will be taking a month to sort out his visa issues before he starts.

So that’s that.

Here’s your wallpaper. Me gusta.

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