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Kyle HoellgerNov 26, 2013
What We're Thankful For

With Thanksgiving just two days away we thought to share what Patexia is most thankful for this year.

  • Community - without your hard work our mission of using crowdsourcing to bring transparency and efficiency to IP wouldn't be possible.
  • Clients - the continued support of some of the world's biggest tech companies and law firms has allowed us to grow and pay out over $100,000 in prizes so far in 2013.
  • Team - a particularly big thank you goes out to every member of the Patexia team. This past year has been an exciting ride and next year promises to be even bigger. Nothing would get done without the hard work and dedication of everybody here so thank you for everything that you do.

We hope that you'll also have a chance to reflect on what means the most to you this Thanksgiving. Of course, as your digesting don't forget to take a look at the newest contests and consulting projects on the site. Right now there's a total of $35,000 up for grabs across five contests so if nothing else we hope that you can soon be thankful for some extra money coming your way.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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