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Jayendra DabhiThe PTAB find that the tribe doesn’t have sovereign immunity in this case. The PTAB said “In view of the recognized differences between the state sovereign immunity and tribal immunity doctrines, and the lack of statutory authority or controlling precedent for the specific issue before us, we decline the tribe’s invitation to hold for the first time that the doctrine of tribal immunity should be applied in IPR proceedings”The PTAB determined that the proceedings could continue without the tribe’s participation in view of “Allergan’s retained ownership interests in the challenged patents”. Based on the terms of the license between Allergan and the tribe, the licensee transferred “all substantial rights” in the challenged patents back to Allergan, so the proceedings can continue with Allergan as the patent owner. According to the PTAB, based on the record before it, the tribe has not retained anything more than an “illusory or superficial right” to sue for infringement of the challenged patents.The Patent Trial and Appeal Board PTAB determined that the Saint Regis Mohawk Tribe failed to establish the doctrine of tribal sovereign immunity.
Mar 1, 2018
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