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Patent numberTitle of the patent
04872789 Method and apparatus for machining valve seats and valve stem guides in a deep-walled engine monoblock workpiece
D0752487 Vehicle rear bumper cover
04090417 Control system for an automatic transmission with a hydrokinetic torque converter and an integral lockup clutch
04546403 Solenoid switching driver with solenoid current proportional to an analog voltage
04272330 Transient mode oxygen sensor and method
04067955 Method of forming a silicon carbide article
05503604 Multiple-speed automatic transmission for motor vehicles
04087117 Motor vehicle rear suspension system
04986002 Quick setting angle device for a welding torch
05793143 Rotor for an electrical machine
D0665109 Vehicle auxiliary lamp
04701826 High temperature pressure sensor with low parasitic capacitance
04098958 Thermoelectric generator devices and methods
05286520 Preparation of fluorine-doped tungstic oxide
D0746196 Vehicle mirror
D0692814 Vehicle front upper grille trim
04686869 Ratio change gear speed synchronizing in a tractor transmission
05130841 Method of making an electrochromic material and new electrochromic material
05085549 Three-axis variability compensating fastener
04126483 Method of adherency of electrodeposits on light weight metals