Patexia Connect


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  • Type: Consulting
  • Hours: 20-30 hours per month
  • Duration: Ongoing
  • Start Date: Immediately
  • Expertise: Patent Consultant
  • Location: US & Canada only


Patexia is looking for an experienced patent analyst and prior art searcher, for its internal needs. The position will be part-time with potential for full time in the near future. 

The candidate will join Patexia team and help with patent analysis, prior art search and crowdsourced contest design / submission review.

Additional Notes

Ideal candidate will have science and/or engineering background (preferably in high-tech such as electrical engineering, software and computer science) and the following skill sets:

  • Prior art search
  • Claim analysis and claim chart
  • Portfolio analysis

Currently we only accept applications from US and Canada. Please apply directly on the site and we will review your application.