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What are the key trends and companies influencing the future of software-automated financial advisory products, or robo-advisors?

This survey contains a total of four (4) questions addressing key trends related to robo-advisor technology, as well as specific examples of recent companies, startups, or products that are responsible for innovation in the space.

Qualified submissions will receive $150 per person.  To receive payment for your submission you must:

  • Have a relevant professional or educational background demonstrating that you have the knowledge necessary to offer an informed opinion on software-automated financial advisory products.
  • Answer all four (4) questions with in depth and complete responses.
  • Attach evidence describing each company or product identified, including, but not limited to, relevant press releases or news articles.

Suggested respondent profiles (qualified respondents not fitting these profiles are still welcome to participate and will be considered for compensation):

  • Financial services professionals with several years of experience designing, testing, using, or selling software-automated financial advisory products.
  • Market research professionals with strong ties to the financial technology industry.
  • Engineers working for a financial technology startup, ideally working on software-automated financial advisory products.

The total prize pool is $5,000 and will be divided equally among the qualified respondents, with a minimum payment of $150 to each as compensation for their informed contribution.

You will receive feedback on your completed submission from the Patexia Case Research Team within two business days.

Submissions will be capped and the survey will close after 33 qualified responses.

Contest Icon by Edward Boatman and Christopher Holm-Hansen via The Noun Project.

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1 Please briefly explain what professional or academic experiences qualify you to answer a market research survey on financial technology. (Preferred qualifications include verifiable academic or industry experience, ideally with software-automated financial advisory products.) Please attach your resume/CV as a reference for this question. T/F
2 What are the key emerging trends and technologies that will impact the development and advancement of software-automated financial advisory solutions, or robo-advisors, in the future? T/F
3 Please list any new (launched since January 1st, 2010) companies or products that represent strong examples of the emerging trends or technologies that you identified in Question 2. For each company or product please add a description of why it is important and attach a relevant news article, press release, or other piece of supporting evidence. T/F
4 What are some key barriers or challenges that the companies/products listed in Question 3 will have to overcome through innovation in order to expand market appeal in the software-automated financial advisory space? T/F

Additional Notes

Market Research

This is a Market Research contest attempting to understand the expert consensus around a particular topic from people with either first hand knowledge or extensive research background in the field.

This contest will close on Friday, July 26th, 2015 at 11:59 PM PST.

Please review the Contest Rules. For more information on how to submit to this Contest type, please read the Intro to Market Research page.