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Patexia seeks prior art for US Patent 7,394,854 (‘854) - “Signal transmission system”. The ‘854 patent allegedly describes a signal transmission system, comprised of an MPEG decoder, a transmission path encoding circuit, a signal reception unit, a Y processing circuit, a chrominance processing circuit, a signal conversion circuit, and a display device, for transmitting picture signals.

Transmission of a video signal through a transmission path takes place by following these steps (Figure 1):

  • A decoder receives digital broadcasting and outputs a luminance signal and two color difference signals.
  • An encoding circuit encodes the luminance signal and the color difference signals into signal forms suited to the transmission path.
  • A decoding circuit receives and decodes the encoded luminance signal and color difference signals.
  • A luminance signal processing circuit and a color difference signal processing circuit process the luminance signal and the color difference signals respectively.
  • A signal conversion circuit converts the luminance signal outputted from the luminance signal processing circuit and the color difference signals outputted from the color difference signal processing circuit into RGB signals for display on a device.

Figure 1: Transmission of a video signal through a transmission path

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1Was the source filed or published before July 21st, 2000? T/F
2Does the source describe a transmission apparatus for decoding a compressed video signal, and transmit the resulting video signal on a transmission channel (data stream) to a video sink such as a display? 14
3Does the source describe a video source that uses information read from a video sink to change the data stream of the video source based on the information that was read from the sink? 18
4Does the source describe including YCrCb information and sync information in the data stream? 18
5Does the source describe reading information from the video sink through an I2C interface? 5
6Does the source describe a control signal generated based on the compressively coded signal? 5
7Does the source describe an encoder to time-divisionally multiplex the picture signals in a video period and the control signal in a retrace period? 14
8Does the source describe the encoding of the picture and control signals from Question 7 into transmission path signals suited to the transmission path? 12
9Does the source describe an I2C controller to control an I2C signal? 5
10Does the source describe a CPU that controls the I2C controller and the decoder? 5
11Does the source describe a decoder that outputs picture signals which are displayable in a reception apparatus? 4

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