Patexia Contest




Patexia is looking for software currently sold or used in the US that lets a designer simulate how a product is worn on the human body.

Submitted documents describing this product:

  • must be commercially available in US after 01/01/2005
  • may include datasheets, product and installation manuals, or sales brochures as well as other similar types of documents

The submission, supported by one or more references, should describe software products for a computer aided design (CAD) software suite that allows a designer to input the following:

  • a computer model of the human body that will interact with the product
  • a computer model of the product to be worn
  • a computer model of the environmental conditions where the product will be worn (e.g., sweat from the body, other clothes that might be worn over the product,  the body sitting on the product)
  • an interaction model of rules on how the body and product models can interact

The designer can also additionally add a fluid loading function to the product’s computer model. This fluid loading function, for example, can simulate the fluid adsorption of a disposable diaper when worn.

Once all the models are added to the system, the designer can use the software to:

  • combine all the models to perform a numerical analysis of the mechanical response of the models when they interact
  • simulate and evaluate the performance of a feature of the product
  • modify the product model based on the simulation results and repeating the simulation as necessary until the product feature’s performance meets desired criteria

This contest is for an evidence of use search for a computer aided design tool commercially available and used for modeling and simulating interactions of body type, environmental conditions, and daily wear and human motion.

Contest icon from Ivlichev Victor Petrovich used under CC BY 3.0.

Prize Distribution Rules

For this evidence of use contest, prizes will be awarded to members who submit examples of products or product lines that match the majority of the questions outlined in this contest.

Products and product lines will be organized by company, and prizes will be distributed per company in the following manner:

  • $4,500 of the prize pool will be divided between up to 9 unique companies identified in the submissions.
  • For each company, the submissions with the highests scores (after any tiebreakers) will be awarded a prize. Patexia will keep awarding users until: a minimum score is reached (the median score of all submissions), or the minimum prize awarded is $100.
  • A “winner” is the user who has received the most number of awards for products from different companies and will also receive the remaining $500.
  • A “runner up” is any user who has received at least one prize for a product.
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1Does the reference describe a product commercially sold in the United States after January 1st, 2005? T/F
2Is the reference describing a computer aided design tool that allows a designer to build models and evaluate a product based on those models? Please include the company name and the name of the product line. T/F
3Is the software capable of creating a computer model of a product? 5
4If the software has a computer model of the product, does the model also include at least one parameter for the fluid loading of the product? 5
5Is the software able to model the human body, or at least the part of the body that will interact with the product? 5
6Is the software able to model the environmental conditions where the product will be interacted with? 10
7Is the software able to model the interaction rules of how the body and product models interact? 15
8If the product has a fluid loading parameter, does the software’s interaction model also define the function of fluid loading of the product over time? 5
9Can the software combine all the models using numerical method analysis to define a mechanical response of the human body and product when they interact? 15
10Does the software simulate the interaction model to evaluate the performance of a product feature? 15
11Does the software use the simulated performance of the product feature to optimize that feature by modifying the product model, then continually repeating the simulation, evaluation, and modification cycle? 25

Additional Notes

Evidence of Use

This is an Evidence of Use study contest designed to find commercially available products from a variety of companies that utilizes a particular invention.

This contest will close on Sunday, March 1st, 2015 at 11:59 PM PST

Please review the Contest Rules. For more information on how to submit to this Contest type, please read the Intro to Evidence of Use page.