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Hello. Data transfer through Bluetooth can be considered relevant in this case?
How do you properly cite, or identify a supporting reference? Thanks!
Andy ChuHi Victor. That's a great question. We recently created this brand new infographic. Let me know if it helps answer your question better than I can in this little textbox here:
May 7, 2015
Hello Patexia, Please let me know if the subject patent number for this study can be provided. 
Andy ChuHi Anupam. The contest description is everything we have about this particular contest. I hope this helps and good luck with the search!
May 7, 2015
Hi. It is not quite clear if, besides patents, also patent applications do qualify as references.
Andy ChuHi Roland. Patent application do qualify as references. Hope that clears up any confusion!
May 4, 2015