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What is the limit of the entries of relevant patents ?
James McArdleHi Azam, there is not a hard limit on the number of references you submit. However, it seems unlikely that you would ever need to submit more than say...20.
Jan 18, 2013
does the list of references given also includes the references that have been submitted by the contestants or it only includes the references cited in those patents?... Read More »
James McArdleThe list of references on the contest page only includes those references cited in the patents. References submitted by other contestants are not revealed before the end of the contest.
Jan 15, 2013
Yes, for US patents the system should automatically notify you if you submit a known reference. For non-patent literature and foreign patents, sometimes the system... Read More »
Will the system notify me if I submit a reference that was rejected because it is "already known"?