Patexia Contest


Hi When the result for this contest will be declared ?
Zoe BollingerHi Neha, those results should be out before the weekend.
Sep 17, 2015
Hi, I'm Oluwasogo, this is my first time completing the Contest, and is very interesting, i have a practical question that i like to ask the house. It is... Read More »
Hi Andy, can you please provide any link that elaborate the technology in general about this contest. I just wanted to understand the environment where this may ... Read More »
Also tell what you mean by customized for each product. Whether it is different for each model or different for each piece belonging to same model.
Andy ChuBy customized "for each individual programmable storage device (as opposed to a parameter set for the entire product line", we mean for each individual, physical device. This parameter can not be set for each model, but literally for every device even if they are the same model. Hope that helps answer your question!
Jul 29, 2015
Hi, I would like to know what a parameter means (If possible, please provide an example).
Andy ChuHi Madhavi. A parameter ( is a type of variable that describes a system characteristic. For example, your laptop has a parameter that describes the acceptable input voltage for it to be charging when plugged in. Hope that answers your question!
Jul 29, 2015