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Additional Notes


You are asked to describe an innovation or idea that reduces health care costs in the United States or internationally. Examples of technological innovations that reduce health care costs may be mobile, wireless, or computerized technologies that reduce costs, like e-prescription systems.  Examples of policy, business, or financing models may include a new model of care, governmental policy, or business/financing strategy, for example see accountable care organizations. If you are describing an already existing idea, you are encouraged to cite studies showing the idea’s effectiveness.  If the idea is a patented technology, please provide the patent number. If you are proposing a new idea, you are encouraged to examine its strengths and weaknesses, and describe why you believe it would reduce health care costs.

Prize Information

Two $1,000 awards will be offered. One prize recipient will be selected by Patexia’s health care contest committee (see below for more information on the committee). The second prize will be awarded to the participant receiving the highest number of votes by Patexia members. All Patexia members are allowed to vote.  To become a member of Patexia, you can sign up for free on our website. The same individual will not receive both awards.


Entries will be judged by the contest committee judges based on the merit of the idea or proposal. The judges are comprised of medical doctors, public health professionals, and venture capitalists with experience in health-related start-ups.

Key Dates:

Contest Opens: May 21st
Contest Closes: June 17th@11:59PM PST
Voting Begins: June 18th
Voting Ends: June 24th@11:59PM PST
Winners Announced: June 25th


All work must be original and prepared by a single author
Maximum of one entry per person allowed
Maximum length of 1,500 words
Entries must be in English
Ideas should be clearly expressed at a college-educated, non-expert level
All submissions are subject to Patexia's contest legal terms
Failure to follow these rules may lead to disqualification from the contest

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