Patexia Contest


Hi all! This is Maryam, the Director of Marketing at Patexia. I wanted to get your feedback on our first contest. How did we do? What did you think about our... Read More »
Anonymous First of all I want to thank you for the competition. I think you asked an excellent question and there were some really great responses. However, there were many issues with the timing and the website. It was not clear if the submission actually went through or not. Also the submission window was closed a day early (which was quickly fixed) and upon closure people could still vote! Otherwise it was a great contest.
Jun 25, 2012
Maryam KeyvaniThanks for your feedback. You are right, we did have some technical issues and we apologize for that and thank you for your patience. We have fixed those problems and hope to have a smoother next contest. Thanks again for bearing with us.
Jun 28, 2012