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Patexia is looking for a mobile radio antenna for setting a different depression angle with multiple mechanical and electrical components

Submitted documents describing this system must be:

●      published before 02/01/2001

●      not on the known references list

The Patexia Case Research team has designed the following questions for a crowdsourced validity analysis ofEP 1356539 B1 with a focus on claims 1, 4.
Figures 1, 2 show all the parts mentioned in the questions 1-6. Please refer to the part numbers in the figures 1

Figure 1

Figure 2.jpg

Figure 2


Mobile antenna (3)        Electric motor (51)        Protective housing (11)

Antenna elements (1)        Control electronics (41)    Operating element (29)

Control apparatus (13)        Control Housing (43)        Threaded sleeve (21)

Adjusting element (25)        Drive wheel (49)        Connecting plate (7)

Toothed wheel (25’)

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1Is the reference either a US patent published, a foreign patent published, or a non-patent document published before February 01, 2001? T/F
2 Does the reference describe a mobile radio antenna for setting a different depression angle, and having plurality of antenna elements, at least one phase shifter and a protective housing, the antenna element and the at least one phase shifter are accommodated in the interior of the protective housing? 10
3 Does the reference further describe mobile radio antenna, having a control apparatus with an electric motor and control electronics located in a control housing that is separated from the protective housing and mounted outside the protective housing, the control apparatus mechanically connect with the interface of the protective housing? 30
4 Does the reference further show the operating element is passed through a threaded sleeve that allows the operating element to rotate and pass through the protective housing, and an adjusting element which is located outside the protective housing and located on the threaded sleeve and can rotate? 25
5 Does the reference further show an electric motor with a drive wheel which interacts with the adjusting element such that rotation of the threaded sleeve causes the operating element to be moved axially in order, via it to operate the at least one phase shifter, which is provided in the interior of the protective housing, in order to set the different depression angle? 20
6Does the reference further show the control housing has an opening by means of which it can be attached or screwed to a connecting plate of a base mounting plate and/or of a protective cover for the protective housing, to be precise holding the adjusting element or toothed wheel, and/or for holding at least part of the associated operating element, in order to carry out an adjustment of the depression angle of the mobile radio antenna? 15

Additional Notes

Prior Art Search
Prior Art Search

This is a Prior Art Search contest aimed at determining if a patent idea was known and publicly available before a patent was filed.

+5 bonus points will be awarded for non-patent literature and for foreign language references.

This contest will close on Sunday, March 27th, 2016 at 11:59 PM PT.

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