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Patexia is a full service IP solutions provider, powered by crowdsourcing.


Solutions designed to defend against and counter claims of patent infringement.

Patexia.Defend is a membership program designed to leverage the power of crowdsourcing and an expert network to help reduce litigation costs for entities with numerous patent litigation and pre-litigation cases.

For Patexia.Defend members Patexia will:

  • Monitor: Provide real time monitoring of active cases in specific domains
  • Crowdsource: Conduct crowdsourced validity analysis of selected patents and prepare claim charts at Patexia’s sole discretion
  • Challenge: At Patexia's discretion, selectively file post grant review petitions with the PTAB (e.g., IPR, CBM, ...) 

Learn more with the Patexia.Defend FAQ

Solutions designed to facilitate deal making and maximize the return on IP assets.

Patexia offers a diverse suite of services to support all types of IP transactions and patent portfolio management projects. Crowdsourced solutions from Patexia’s highly capable expert network delivers the highly technical analysis and insight required to optimize the outcome of large scale patent licensing, acquisition, and divestment deals.

Used for

portfolio analysis

evidence of use

market research


patent mining

A Case Study in IP Transactions

In one case, Patexia helped a non-profit medical center discover out-licensing opportunities for several of its patents. Potential licensees were discovered by the Patexia community during a crowdsourced search for examples of commercial use of the patented technologies.

Solutions designed to provide a comprehensive view of technical landscapes and markets.

Patexia offers comprehensive business analytics services which leverage a highly specialized network of subject matter experts to evaluate and provide insight into the market size, growth and trends surrounding particular technologies. True expert analysis contributes to an understanding of the biggest changes and trends that may affect a given technology area in the years to come.

Used for

market research

patent landscaping

A Case Study in Business Analytics

In one case, Patexia helped a publicly-traded company analyze the market and technical landscape for several upstream oil and gas related technologies. Selected subject matter experts from within the Patexia community shared their unique perspectives to help achieve a consensus on the major trends that would impact the deals in that particular area within the next five years.

Solutions designed to streamline innovation and improve patent quality.

Patexia offers a wide range of idea creation and patent development services to streamline innovation, analyze technical landscapes, and determine the best opportunities for strategic patent filing. A combination of internal resources and the power of the Patexia’s crowdsourcing platform lays the foundation for high quality patents and sound filing strategies.

Used for

idea generation

patent landscaping


freedom to operate

A Case Study in Idea Creation

In one case, Patexia helped a Canadian research university evaluate the patent landscape surrounding a high electric field radiation detection system that was developed by their department of electrical and computer engineering. Through a Private Contest, Patexia’s crowdsourcing platform was used to find enforceable US patents that disclosed similar inventions to what was claimed by the university’s patent application, and recommendations were made on how to best take the technology to market.

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