Nov 15, 2015Science and Technology

I would appreciate it if Patexia can clarify the following:

1)  The modified rule is not clear to me. Can you elaborate on it please?

2) I am guessing that the item 6 in the Questions, "compensated", is an exemplary value of "consideration" in claims and the description.  In Col 7 line 40 ~ 44 of the '402 patent says, "In the alternative, the consideration may be a direct transfer of points to an account associated with the merchant."  It implies no compensation is OK also.  Did I interpret it incorrectly?


Andy ChuHi Joon. Re your first question, it means that the full prize pool of $5,000 will only be available if those questions have been answered during the contest. If they are unavailable, the prize pool for the contest will be dropped to $3,000.
Nov 16, 2015
Andy ChuRe your second question, that's a great find, but I would like to direct you back to the questions and claims as they are worded. We're really looking for credit card points that transfer the value as well as the balance. This is especially critical for transfers between balances at different companies that need to have that value traferred as well.
Nov 16, 2015
Andy ChuEven if its the same company, that value might need to be transferred due to different cost centers within a company's accounting. I hope that helps and good luck!
Nov 16, 2015