Apr 3, 2012Science and Technology
Agilent introduces first wideband, dual-channel PXI vector signal analyzer with streaming capabilities for detecting and identifying RF interference

Agilent Technologies Inc. today announced the availability of the first dual-channel PXI vector signal analyzer that delivers high-bandwidth, independently tuned, two-channel, continuous data capture. This product, a new configuration of Agilent's M9392A analyzer, enables R&D and test engineers to detect and identify sources of RF interference -- even in dense urban environments where many unwanted signals may be present. The solution is ideal for troubleshooting wireless devices in either the lab or real-world environments. The dual-channel PXI vector signal analyzer, offers a unique combination of bandwidth, multichannel support, and gapless recording, with 250 MHz of analysis bandwidth, 26.5-GHz frequency coverage on two channels, and continuous streaming up to 100 MHz bandwidth. Both channels can be housed in an 18-slot, 4U PXIe chassis to provide excellent speed and scalability in a small form factor.

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