May 23, 2012Science and Technology
High-g MEMS accelerometer could help monitor impact trauma

The three axis accelerometers that currently inhabit our smartphones typically measure values on the order of a couple times the acceleration due to gravity -- about what you would expect to encounted in most everyday situations. Today, Analog Devices Inc. released the first three-axis MEMS-based accelerometer that can monitor acceleration values up to 200 times that of gravity, without signal saturation. The new device eliminates the need for orthogonal sensor, reducing the chip space required and simplifies design. The measurement range and other features make the chip, known as the ADXL377, "an ideal sensor for contact sports where the detection of concussive forces can reveal indictors of Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), With a bandwidth of 1600Hz, the ADXL377 is also ideal for use in industrial equipment where shock levels must be closely monitored."

Relevant Locations: Norwood, MA, USA
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