Jun 26, 2012Science and Technology
Infinity and beyond: the fastest WiFi ever
Beaming 2.5 terabytes per second across a meter of air, an international team of researchers has cracked large scale wireless transmitting. The group managed the feat by bundling multiple electromagnetic waves into a “radio vortex” using the traditionally manipulated property spin angular momentum (SAM), and the newcomer orbital angular momentum (OAM). SAM is dependant on the circular polarization, the property caused by the electric and magnetic fields of a wave rotating around the beam axis. OAM is dependant on spatial field distribution, or the wave fronts helical shape. To picture this imagine a rotating fan. The direction and speed of the fan’s spin is SAM. The number of blades the fan has is the wave front shape or OAM. It was only four months ago that researchers first manipulated OAM as a proof of concept. But with this advancement, the sky becomes the limit, theoretically, as according to the researchers this method data bundling means potentially unlimited speeds.
Relevant Locations: Westwood, CA, USA
Tel Aviv, Israel
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