Nov 25, 2022Legal
Just The Beginning For Patent Waivers?

WTO Issues Precedential Decision Sending Shock Waves Throughout the IP World

In March 2020, the world was upended and faced with unimaginable challenges. The COVID-19 pandemic posed threats that had not been experienced in the United States since the smallpox epidemic over 100 years ago. Nations across the globe were forced to act fast in their individual and collective efforts to combat the spread of the disease. Many organizations rose to the forefront of this effort, including the World Trade Organization (“WTO”).

The WTO deals with rules governing trade between nations with a goal of aiding and facilitating the exportation and importation of goods and services.1 During the COVID-19 pandemic, one specific commodity was highly prioritized: the COVID-19 vaccine. Its rate of production and global accessibility became an issue of much concern to the WTO.


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