Apr 9, 2012Science and Technology
Navetas develops smart meter technology for home energy management

Navetas has created  technology that should actually make your ‘smart meter’ smart. It learns about your home or building energy usage and disaggregates it so that you can see exactly where your energy is being used and it does so without any help from you at all. Not only that, the company contends that the price of its technology is comparable to that of conventional smart meters currently on the market. Sensus, a smart meter giant, has reportedly now invested in and partnered up with Navetas. It has put £5 million ($7.9 million) into Navetas, and it now has an exclusive licensing agreement to trial Navetas’ smart meters in the US. Navetas is piloting its technology with three UK utilities as part of that country's push to deploy home energy management systems with future smart meters over the coming decade.

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