Mar 14, 2012Science and Technology
Oblong Industries develops gesture-based OS

Some of the memorable scenes from Steven Spielberg’s futuristic thriller Minority Report involve the actor Tom Cruise facing a large transparent computer screen and manipulating images and data at a distance with his gloved hands. The scene is set in 2054 but the technology is here today. It was developed by Oblong Industries, a Los Angeles maker of gesture-based operating systems. General Electric is a current customer and investor of Oblong industries, a Los Angeles maker of gesture-based operating systems. GE invested in the tech company through Energy Technology Ventures (ETV), a GE partnership with NRG Energy and ConocoPhillips. As part of GE’s ecomagination Accelerator program, GE Digital Energy also licensed Oblong’s Technology for its Smart Grid analytics software. Managing director of GE Energy Financial Servives and ETV rep, Kevin Skillern stated GE’s recognition of Oblong’s innovation potential and investment worth.

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