Jun 15, 2012Science and Technology
PET 4D image reconstruction gives clearer picture of the heart
Researchers have found a way to reduce blurring in images of the heart caused by breathing and the heart’s beating. A new development in 4D image reconstruction provides sharper-than-ever images of cardiac function to aid in pinpointing heart defects for better diagnosis and treatment. The new method utilizes positron emission tomography (PET) and takes data from specific points when patients are breathing air into their lungs or when the heart is forcing blood out during a contraction, similar to taking individual frames of a film reel. Researchers tested the image resolution and signal-to-noise ratio of the new method against PET data from multiple cardiac stress tests. They found that imaging contrast between muscle walls of the heart and heart chambers in the reconstructed 4D images was significantly improved. Image noise was found to be 60 percent lower than with conventional methods.
Relevant Locations: Miami Beach, FL, USA
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