May 23, 2012Science and Technology
SoCalGas accelerates newest solar technology to co-produce renewable electricity and cooling

Southern California Gas Co. has launched a multi-year demonstration of an advanced concentrated solar cogeneration system. The project’s goal is to benefit area businesses by accelerating the commercialization of new technology that uses the sun's energy.  Using the system, residents can rely on renewable energy rather than the electric grid or natural gas to power air-conditioning systems. The uniquely designed solar thermal technology uses mirrors and a tracking system to capture the sun's energy and focus the sunlight. An array of photovoltaic solar collectors captures the concentrated light to simultaneously produce electricity and hot water. The solar-heated water is used in place of electricity or natural gas to power an air conditioning process that provides 10 tons of cooling, or enough air conditioning to cool two average-sized homes. 

Relevant Locations: Los Angeles, CA, USA
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