Mar 13, 2012Science and Technology
Verizon and NEC set new record for transmitting high bit-rate technologies over field fiber

Verizon and NEC Corporation of America have transmitted high bit-rate technologies over field fiber. The latest trial successfully transmitted 21.7 terabits per second (1 terabit equals 1,000 gigabits) -- the highest capacity to date -- under field conditions. The results of the trial, which was performed earlier this year on 1,503 kilometers (934 miles) of standard single mode field fiber on Verizon’s network in the Dallas area, were outlined in a post-deadline paper presented at the recent OFC/NFOEC Conference and Expo in Los Angeles. By increasing modulation levels and reducing optical carrier spacing using superchannels, the total capacity per fiber is increased by more than 100 percent as compared with the current standard 100G systems. “Superchannels” are the next evolution of optical technology that combines several optical carriers to create a signal with greater than 100G capacity. The ability to use current field fiber to carry higher capacity rates enables carriers to avoid the need to deploy new fiber and, as a result, better utilize current network infrastructure. 

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