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Cyber security is a branch of computer technology known as information security as applied to computers and networks. The objective of computer security includes protection of information and property from theft, corruption, or natural disaster, while allowing the information and property to remain accessible and productive to its intended users. The term computer system security means the collective processes and mechanisms by which sensitive and valuable information and services are protected from publication, tampering or collapse by unauthorized activities or untrustworthy individuals and unplanned events respectively. The strategies and methodologies of computer security often differ from most other computer technologies because of its somewhat elusive objective of preventing unwanted computer behavior instead of enabling wanted computer behavior.

Description courtesy of Wikipedia. Photo: System Code by Yuri Samoilov available under CC BY 3.0.

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Anonymous Here is the full article with comments from Benjamin Lawsky, superintendent of the Department of Financial Services (DFS) for the state of New York.
Sep 23, 2014
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